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Consulting services

Laltech helps you in your project development.

We can help you for:
- Consulting Solutions
- Project development
- Work organization
- Funding Sources
- Business Development Strategies

Business Development Strategies Adapted to Today's Economy

Laltech advises you on the factors that drive regional business growth in the global, services-based economy. There is broad recognition that it no longer makes sense to rely on single high-profile industries or companies to create growth and prosperity in our communities. Laltech has the ability to combine an understanding of the factors that are changing our economies with knowledge of the operating needs of new, expanding, and relocating businesses.

Consulting Solutions

Our approach is to provide comprehensive information in simple to review presentations and reports that enable you to make timely and proactive decisions. We also provide project management, operational analysis and system analysis services. Our goal is to maximize your operational productivity in your day-to-day back office operations and marketing programs so that you can secure greater sales success with our investment programs.

Funding Sources

The development of a competitive proposal to obtain external funding for your project is similar to researching and writing a major thesis. Funding sources have specific guidelines and priorities with meticulous outlines for information that assures the proposed project has a good chance of meeting their priorities. Funding source guidelines, outlines, and priorities must be followed exactly for proposals to be competitive.

Project Development

From creative concepting to execution, Laltech will help you expand your business by following a step by step approach. Bringing new products to existing customers or existing products to new (international) market segments is our core expertise.